Prince Plush Pony Prince arrived in 2006, and was named after a horse from Oklahoma.

In 1901, a handsome horse named Prince arrived at Wells Fargo’s stable in Ardmore, Oklahoma Territory. He had cost $125—a “Princely” sum!—because he was the most handsome horse of them all. Prince always looked smart pulling the Wells Fargo wagon around downtown Ardmore.

Prince’s name was listed in the company’s records along with other horses from Ardmore in the 1900s.
In 1913, Wells Fargo Messenger, the company magazine, reminded drivers: “Our horses, wagons and harness are the pride of Wells Fargo service—our best advertisement.” Wells Fargo wagon drivers were expected to know the horses under their direction. Drivers took complete responsibility for their teams, including unhitching and leading each horse to their individual stalls at the end of the workday.

A horse team pulls a Wells Fargo wagon to the depot office in Ardmore, Oklahoma.