Mollie Released in 2008, Plush Pony Mollie was named after a real horse who led a stagecoach team.

Mollie was a striking white mare stagecoach horse from Roseburg, Oregon. She led the team on many journeys, but she most famously led the stagecoach that brought President Rutherford B. Hayes to Roseburg in 1880.

Mollie-hist Historians know about Mollie from a note left on this photograph of the stagecoach in Roseburg, Oregon. She standing at the front as someone holds her harness.
On that West Coast presidential trip, Hayes narrowly missed encountering the notorious bandit Black Bart, who had just robbed the same stage three days earlier. Had Black Bart’s schedule been just a little different, imagine his surprise to find the President of the United States aboard—and a huge contingent of the U.S. Army in tow!

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