El Toro

El_Toro Plush Pony joined the Wells Fargo stables in 2014.
In Spanish, El Toro means “the bull,” but a Plush Pony with this name was introduced in 2014 to honor a Wells Fargo horse by that name who worked in Mexico in the 1910s.
Wells Fargo drivers and agents in Mexico City had great affection for El Toro. At 27, he was the oldest horse in the stables. On the days he worked, El Toro passed through a decorated archway into a busy courtyard filled with workers loading express wagons. El Toro pulled the Wells Fargo wagon through the streets of Mexico City, delivering packages and picking up important express deliveries from Wells Fargo customers.
From Mexico City, Wells Fargo & Company, S. A. (Sociedad Mexicana) helped develop the many industries of Mexico, connecting buyers and sellers across the US-Mexico border. Wells Fargo agents in Mexico helped tourists with financial services, and with travelers guides published by Wells Fargo.
El_Toro-hist-B El Toro waits with his driver for his next assignment in Mexico City, 1913.
Wells Fargo’s 750-plus express offices, and operations along 16,000 miles of railroad and steamship line throughout the Mexico, were highlighted in a 1913 edition of its magazine, the Wells Fargo Messenger. The article featured a photograph and description of El Toro, making him one of the most remembered figures of the company’s time in Mexico.

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