Horses have helped Wells Fargo deliver for customers throughout our history. They pulled wagons filled with important packages for anxiously waiting customers. Stagecoaches pulled by teams of horses delivered passengers and gold to their destinations. Lively horses ran for hours to deliver important letters sent by Pony Express.
Since 2003, Wells Fargo has honored the hard work of its horses with an annual creation of a plush pony based on the actual history of a horse that helped Wells Fargo better serve its customers.

Meet our ponies!


Hunter worked at the Wells Fargo stables in San Francisco, California. When an earthquake and fire struck the city in 1906, Wells Fargo horses like Hunter helped the city respond and rebuild. Learn More

Bridget loved watching the bustling streets of Phoenix in the 1890s. Her driver often directed her to park the wagon she pulled behind the Wells Fargo office at the start of the day. Learn More


In 1884, Wells Fargo & Co. Express appointed its first agent in Des Moines. Wells Fargo was still new to the city, but offered secure shipment of money, fresh produce, and other important goods and services. Learn More

Nellie Plush Pony

In 1898, Wells Fargo wagon driver Rush Blodget started working with Nellie in Bakersfield, California. Learn More

Nellie history

In Spanish, El Toro means “the bull,” but a Plush Pony with this name was introduced in 2014 to honor a Wells Fargo horse by that name who worked in Mexico in the 1910s. Learn More


Shamrock was the pride of the Wells Fargo stables in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1913. Learn More


Mack was one of 600 horses that pulled stagecoaches daily for Wells Fargo’s Pioneer Stage Company. Learn More

Snowflake boarded a ferry with her driver and wagon to deliver money, merchandise, and packages from Jersey City to customers on the other side of the Hudson River. Learn More


Lightning and her rider Richard Erastus “Ras” Egan quickly carried important letters by Pony Express west of Salt Lake City in 1860. Learn More


Al and his driver W.A. Zweifel became good friends as they rolled through Denver, Colorado, with the Wells Fargo wagon, delivering customers’ important business. Learn More


Mollie, a beautiful white mare, led the team of six horses pulling the stagecoach from Roseburg, Oregon, on many journeys. Learn More


Maggie represented Wells Fargo during the first annual San Francisco Work Horse Parade in 1909. Learn More


Prince arrived at the Wells Fargo stables in Ardmore, Oklahoma Territory in 1901, costing a princely sum of $125. Learn More


Trixie was a horse known for pulling the Wells Fargo wagon in her hometown of Ardmore, Oklahoma in the 1910s. Learn More


Grace had a reputation for delivering customers’ express shipments in Los Angeles with a “dignified manner.” Learn More


Dandy joined the Wells Fargo office in Auburn, California, in October 1895 when Wells Fargo paid $18 to get this beautiful new team member − top dollar for those days! Learn More

Buck started delivering important packages for customers in Ardmore, Oklahoma Territory in 1900. Learn More


King joined Wells Fargo in 1896, pulling the Wells Fargo wagon through communities in California and New Mexico. Learn More


Billy helped the Wells Fargo agents and drivers in St. Paul, Minnesota, get business done in the 1910s as he moved customers’ packages on his wagon. Learn More