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Marianne Babal is a Corporate Historian for Wells Fargo.

When Santa travels by stagecoach, Wells Fargo stays open

Julia L. Jones, a Wells Fargo agent in Mariposa, California, in the late 1800s and early 1900s, provided a link for her customers to the outside world — and even stayed open on Christmas Day so they could receive their gifts.

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From above the Civil War battlefield to the bank

Before founding Citizens Bank, now a part of Wells Fargo, in Los Angeles in the late 1800s, Thaddeus Lowe was a renowned inventor and the chief aeronaut for the Union Army Balloon Corps.

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Charter Number 1

In the 1860s, the federal government created a new type of bank to provide standardization for bank customers. The First National Bank of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania was the first of its kind.

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Dispensing money like magic

A Wells Fargo historian shares how the company’s ATMs have improved the customer experience over time, from “Silver Service” ATMs at just a few branches in the 1970s to more than 13,000 today.

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Around the world since 1852

Find out how Wells Fargo expanded its presence from California to 38 overseas offices, serving customers worldwide today.

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Wells Fargo’s role in the Great War

A Wells Fargo historian explains how the company helped with financial and transportation needs during World War I — and how the end of the war led to a national holiday.

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Outwitting outlaws

Find out how Wells Fargo’s special agents in the 1800s helped protect the company and its customers.

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Uncorking e-commerce

Learn how the e-commerce revolution started in December 1994 when a small business worked with Wells Fargo to process credit card purchases online for the first time.

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