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Outwitting outlaws

Find out how Wells Fargo’s special agents in the 1800s helped protect the company and its customers.

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Driver’s Name: Al Located in: Texas Number of years: 20 Most interesting experience: Driving Dale Robertson and other stars on the stagecoach at the John Wayne Cancer Foundation Fundraiser in Abilene, Texas. Fun facts: I restore and build stagecoaches Horse type: Quarter Horse



Driver’s Name: Alan Number of years: 19 Most interesting experience: Traveling to London in 2012 to represent Wells Fargo in the Lord Mayor’s Parade. Fun fact: I have been a professional trick rider and hitch driver since the age of 12. I have appeared as the Winston Man and the Marlboro Man, and have served as a stunt double and technical adviser for Clint Eastwood. Horse type: American Quarter Horses and American Paint Horses