The art collection includes paintings, vintage and contemporary prints, photography, works on paper, textiles, and poster and graphic arts.
In compliance with copyright regulations and laws, only artworks in the public domain are shown in this gallery. Click on these images to have a closer look.

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Alphonse Mucha
Exposition Universelle et Internationale de St. Louis, 1903, color lithograph
Alphonse Mucha
Sarah Bernhardt, American Tour, 1896, color lithograph
Alvin Langdon Coburn
Untitled, 1909, photogravure
Anonymous Artist
Bird’s Eye View of the Great Suspension Bridge, 1883, color lithograph
Anonymous Artist
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West and Congress of Roughriders of the World, 1902, color lithograph
Anonymous Artist
Luna, Concours International de Photographie, 1903, color lithograph and duotone
Anonymous Artist
Remember Your First Thrill of American Liberty, 1917, color lithograph
Anonymous Artist
Remember! – The Flag of Liberty – Support It!, 1918, color lithograph
Arnost Hoffbauer
II vystava spolku Manes Topicuv Salon, 1898, color lithograph
Carl Moos
C. Wagner amp; Co. München, 1907, color lithograph
Edward McKnight Kauffer
The heaths, Surrey, 1915, color lithograph
Edward Penfield
Victory Girls – United War Work Campaign Every Girl Pulling for Victory, 1917, color lithograph
Edward Penfield
Harper’s March, 1895, color lithograph
Edward Steichen
J. Pierpont Morgan, April 1906, 1904-1906, vintage photogravure
Emile Cardinaux
Palace Hotel, St. Moritz in Switzerland, 1922, color lithograph
Emile Cardinaux
Zermatt, 1908, color lithograph,
Eugene Grasset
Jeanne D’Arc Sarah Bernhardt, 1889, color lithograph
Evelyn Rumsey Cary
Woman Sufferage, 1903-07, color lithograph
Graham Chas and Thure de Thulstrup
New York Stock Exchange, 1881, engraving with hand color
Howard Chandler Christy
Americans All! Victory Liberty Loan, 1919, color halftone
Jan Willem Sluiter
Nationale and Olympische Kampioenschappen Lawn-Tennis, Hilversum, 1916, color lithograph
Jeanne Fapournaux
Francais Economisez le Gaz, 1915, color lithograph
Joseph Adolph Lang
Düsseldorf Internationale Kunst und Gartenbau Ausstellung, 1904, color lithograph
Jules Chéret
Benzo-Moteur Essence Speciale, 1900, color lithograph
Jules Chéret
Palais de Glace, Champs Elysées, 1893, color lithograph
Leo Jo
La Libre Esthetique, Salon Annuel, 1900, color lithograph
Max Schwarzer
Zur Stadt Wien, Wiener Kaffeehaus, 1915, color lithograph
Paul Strand
Abstraction, Bowls, 1917, photogravure on tissue vellum
Privat Livemont
Untitled, 1902, color lithograph
Leo Jo
La Libre Esthetique, Salon Annuel, 1900, color lithograph
Robert Hardmeyer
Waschanstalt Zurich, 1905, color lithograph
Stefanie Glax
Abbazia Sport Woche 1912, 1912, color lithograph
Theodorus H Molkenboer
Elias P. van Bommel, Boekbinder, 1897, woodblock
Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen
Ce Soir la Trés Illustre Compagnie du Chat Noir, 1896, color lithograph
The Beggarstaffs
Harper’s, 1893-97, color lithograph
Paul Strand
From the Viaduct, 125th St. NY, 1915, photogravure