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What keeps the wheels of human progress turning?
The drive to explore new horizons.
The resolve to overcome hardships.
The courage to embrace diversity.
The compassion to lend a hand.
The motivation to always look ahead.
These things are alive in all of us.
Let’s explore where we’ve been and discover what’s next.

Making milestones

The history of Wells Fargo is the story of always looking forward. Discover the innovations that have been part of our DNA since day one.

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This day in history

January 18, 1944

The U.S. government launched its 4th War Loan drive January 18, 1944. First National Bank of Palm Beach, Florida, now Wells Fargo, used a tank as publicity to encourage Floridians to “back the attack” and invest in war bonds.

What drives us

Meet the visionaries, trailblazers, inventors, and local heroes who explored new horizons and embraced diverse perspectives to become a part of our history.

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